Why I love top gear



Top Gear

Will top gear ever stop being the best car show out there? I think not. Unfortunately, most other shows suffer from a fatal flaw - dealing with advertisers. Since Top Gear i on BBC in the UK, which is publicly funded, they don't have to worry about losing advertiser dollars. Essentially, they can say whatever they want about cars. On other Car shows, for xample the Speed channel in the unitd states, if they're talking about mainstream cars the people who are buying commercials and paying for the show are people who sell the cars they're trying to review. Car magazines have the same problem, and many people have accused car and driver of the same sort of bias - not saying bad things about a ford for example for fear of losing their advertiser dollars.

The only place where a top gear alternative could possibly succeed in the USA is on PBS, which probably would never do the show. Alternatively, I guess it could be run on a premium channel with no commercials like HBO or showtime. However, they've showed little interest in picking it up and the pilot for the Top Gear USA show on NBC hosted by adam corolla (listen to his car cast) and other car journalist eventually fell through, probably because of the concerns I listed above.

In the mean time, there are still some spectacular Top Gear Episodes out there and the show has no indication of going away any time soon. While people living in the UK can watch it for free other people who live else where can Watch Top Gear Online at other sites. My favorite episode is probably the Botswana Africa Special, Why don't you comment and tell me what yours is?